Welcome to the camels of Dromelys Stud. We have been raising Bactrian and dromedary camels for many years. We are constantly learning new breeding and birthing techniques, and we are one of a few breeders who successfully uses intrauterine rotation if a fetus is breached. There are about 50 dromedaries and camels of which about 20 are milked. We are a farm specializing in dromedary breeding. Being a hobby camel farm, the camels are raised for racing not for meat.

Camels are intelligent, sensitive, and social animals that are easy to care for. Our camels receive excellent care and training, are groomed regularly, and receive a great deal of attention. Socialization begins as soon as a calf is one to two weeks of age.

Here is a list of our adult camels by species. The female Bactrians are available for breeding, and the Bactrian male is available for stud service. Each camel has a distinct personality, and you can read about and see a photo of each camel just by clicking on his or her name (available soon).